The Enclave at The Palms

Recently completed home at The Enclave at The Palms
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24th April 2018
Consejo Shores palapa
Consejo Shores
2nd August 2018
Front porch at The Enclave at The Palms

Front porch with netting

The Enclave at The Palms is our current development of 20 homes, and as of today (May 14th) we have completed the first home and wanted to take the opportunity here to show some completion images, as well as to give some more information about the project and development.

Finished home at The Enclave at The Palms

Finished home at The Enclave at The Palms

The Enclave at The Palms back of house

From the back, showing the extra patio

The Enclave at The Palms is a residential subdivision located in the Corozal Province in Northern Belize. This part of the country is very popular with expats, and The Enclave at The Palms is located next door to the sold out expat community of The Palms at Corozal, as well as minutes away from Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside, as well as the town of Corozal itself. You can also reach the free trade zone, as well as the Mexican border, in just about fifteen minutes. We are located just off Serenity Road, right in between the water and the Consejo Road.

The Enclave at The Palms will have just 20 homes on large, oversized lots, and all home models have 2 bedrooms as well as 2 bathrooms with the standard home being just over 1,000 sq.ft. The design of the homes (2 different floor plans are available) are focused on maximizing space and also come with a large patio at the front, as well as an optional porch in the master bedroom. One of the bathrooms is located in the living/common room, and the other one is located in the master bedroom, which ensures privacy for both residents and guests.

The kitchen at The Enclave at The Palms

The Kitchen


Master Bathroom at The Enclave at The Palms

The master bathroom

Lot sizes start from right around half an acre and go up to a full acre, which is quite a bit larger than the standard quarter acre lots in Corozal. Lots can either be cleared, or you may choose to retain most of the vegetation to ensure maximum privacy and really be able to “live as one” with nature. Options such as a swimming pool, a solar powered home, or additions to the existing floor plans are also available and will be accommodated whenever possible.

Prices start from just $99,000 USD for the first couple of homes, and will gradually climb closer to the “true” market value somewhere around $130,000 USD. Please get in touch with us if you would like to see some up to date comparable listings and sales, to see how our prices ensures you get the best price possible.

We are continuously building, so you can either elect to buy a finished property, or you may choose a vacant lot and the floor plan you want, any extras/additions, and we will build it for you. In the case of a “build from scratch”, your payments will be tied to stages of completion and from start to finish the process takes about 6 months, subject to the weather co-operating with us.


Second bedroom at The Enclave at The Palms

Second bedroom

Master bedroom The Enclave at The Palms

Master bedroom entrance

Homes are built using the finest quality hardwood and all homes are treated using “tried and tested” methods to ensure termites are not an issue, however if you would rather do so, we can also build using concrete.

Belize is a very popular destination for retirees, and offers the only true retirement visa in the region, known as the QRP visa. Immigrants who come to Belize using this program are able to take advantage of a number of exemptions when importing personal property to live in Belize, and the requirements to qualify are relatively straightforward.

Bathroom at The Enclave at The Palms

Bathroom at The Enclave

The Belizean economy is very reliant on foreign investment and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property in the country. The country also has very favourable tax laws, and Corozal in general has been very highly rated by a number of news outlets and magazines as a prime destination to retire.

You are less than a 2 hour drive from the Belize City airport, with non-stop flights to a number of U.S. and Canadian destinations, and you may also fly into Cancun and drive/take a luxury bus for about 3-4 hours to reach Corozal Town. For the more adventurous there is also a domestic airport in Corozal with flights on Tropic Air, as well as Maya Island Air, both from Belize City via San Pedro.

Front porch at The Enclave at The Palms

Front porch with netting

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